Minimum maintenance, low electricity consumption, Russian-made spare parts.


The hotter it is, the more effective it is.

Environmental friendliness

Instead of freon, the refrigerant is ordinary water, which gives out 100% fresh, filtered air during the cooling process.

The principle of operation

The main component of TESSO air conditioners is a unique heat exchanger operating on the principle of regenerative indirect evaporative cooling (RIEC), in which ordinary water is used as a refrigerant.

The RIEC heat exchanger consists of alternating plates of capillary-porous material assembled in pairs. Passing through the heat exchanger, the hot air (full flow) is cooled in the channels formed by the plates.

The temperature of the plates themselves decreases due to the evaporation of water in their capillary-porous layer. The air moving countercurrent (auxiliary flow) evaporates water from the capillary-porous layer, is moistened and reheated through the plate wall, after which it is discharged into the atmosphere or for technical needs. At the same time, a much larger part (65-75% of the total flow) of the cooled air is sent to the consumer (the main flow).

Application schemes

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As a central air conditioner

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As a separate supply system

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Cooling of spaces with high temperature

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Cooling of power plants and heavy equipment

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Cooling of mines and underground space

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Cooling of open squares, streets, stadiums

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Use as a cooling stage of condensers of refrigerating machines

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Use as the first stage for a steam compression system

BIO monoblock installations

Tesso is a modular system. If you need to get a more productive system, you can connect the BIO models to each other in any number. Each of the models can be equipped with a fan of different power, quantity and type.

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