True innovation should save the world.
We are sure that we will reduce the energy consumption of the whole world for 15%
to the new
This is a unique product in the field of air conditioning, in the world. To learn more ECOLOGICAL The elimination of freon and the use of renewable resources - water, makes the air conditioner TESSO revolutionary environmentally friendly To learn more Coolant - ordinary water Plates Fan AIR ENERGY Using air energy instead of a compressor and water instead of freon, we found the perfect physical balance of the cold produced. To learn more 70% fresh air filtered with natural moisture 30% of exhaust air goes outside 100% hot air
0 times
less power consumption
0 times
less energy costs
0 times
less maintenance costs
The destruction of the ozone layer of the atmosphere
Overload at high temperatures
Chemical leakage hazard
Frequent breakdowns and costly repairs
Powered by air recirculation
Need external condenser units for heat dissipation
There is a dehumidification of air, harmful to the respiratory system
100% fresh cooled air
Absolutely eco-friendly
No noise and vibration
Integrated into the ventilation system
The hotter - the more effective
Minimum service. Self-cleaning function equipment.
air conditioners
air conditioners


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